Be Inspired by the Beach

Be inspired and start your wishful journey on Pawleys Island.
Your wish is important.



Inspire Wishes

See how high you can stack those stones. But don’t knock them down when you go, leave them standing to surprise another beach walker. Image: Gravity Glue 

Beach Art & Crafts

  • Learn a traditional craft and be resourceful with beach finds.
  • Create a place to display baskets and bags from a driftwood coat rack.
  • Pebbles and stones make fun photos!
  • Save driftwood finds and turn into sailboats.
  • Join the white lines of pebbles for a fun beach game!
  • Sticks and stones make emotive artworks.
  • Build a seaside fairy house with your kids.
  • Play tic-tac-toe with your beach finds.